Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré Nourishing Moisturiser

There are two countries in the world that are well known for skincare: France and South Korea. The popular trend of Korean beauty has been taking over for the past few years, but French skincare has always been the “it” place for luxe and innovative products.

La Roche Posay, Bioderma and Avene are few of the most famous skincare companies in the world and today I am here today to talk about one more company that has captured the hearts of models, dermatologists, make up artists and mine: Embryolisse Lait-Crème.

This moisturiser was invented in 1950s by a dermatologist to treat skin conditions like eczema: a concentrated milky texture moisturiser which had the power to replenish the skin natural hydration and protect it.


Today the moisturiser serves multiple purposes: it acts as primer, make up remover, mask, lip balm and soothing cream for irritated skin. I have also used it to prep my legs for a night out. You cannot imagine the glossy healthy finishes it gives! it’s like BB cream for the legs.

The ingredients of the product are fairly good as they contain moisturising  agents (Paraffinum Liquidum, Stearic acid), smoothing agents ( Glyceryl Stearate,Triethanolamin) and  a dash of natural agents like Cera Alba. Although many bad mouth Paraffinum Liquidum it is important to note that it has no connection with industrial mineral oil containing polycyclic compounds. PL is completely safe to use and its even on of the main ingredients of Crème De La Mer from La Mer, the most expensive moisturiser in the world.

There are many reasons why I ABSOLUTELY ADORE Untitled copythis product but here are the main five:

  1. It has the ultimate hydration power and is able to combat even the driest skin. It is perfect for flaky skin;
  2. It has an emollient smoothing effect on the skin, perfect for any foundation base;
  3. It is the only product that you need to carry with you: it nourishes any part of your body, soothes your skin, is able to remove any make up, it can also be a good tattoo aftercare if you forget to apply the ointment;
  4. it gets absorbed into the skin so does not leave you with the forever greasy feeling;
  5. it has a silky satin finish, it gives you that dewy healthy glow!

The rating for this products are:

Packaging 5/5 The packaging is perfect for squeezing every inch of the product out
Effectiveness 5/5  Its multipurpose, multifunctioning and an award winning product, there must be a reason why it is so loved in the skincare world.
Value 4/5 It is quite pricey given the fact that I paid 10 Euros in Paris for 30 ml.
Longevity 4/5 This product laste me 1 month an something for 30 ml. I used it like crazy so if you are not a heavy moisturiser user,it should last you much more!
Overall 18/20 AMAZING!!!…buy it if you have dry skin, suffer from dry lips, need that extra shine. I believe everyone should own this product, it is seriously fantasmagoric!

I bought the cream in Paris at City Pharma in Saint German Des Pres.

You can find  in-store at  Boots, BeautyBay and online in Netaporter and lookfantastic.

I hope that you find this review useful and if you have already tried it WHAT ARE YOUR OPINIONS ON IT? Let me know below.




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